Walking: Nature’s Perfect Exercise


In Walking: Nature’s Perfect Exercise, Pamela Kihm takes you through a series of “Steps” to walk more comfortably and more powerfully. You’ll discover that slight changes to how you walk can reduce effort and eliminate discomfort you may have thought was your “normal”.

Sample Lesson

Whether crossing the street before the light changes or while hiking trails, good body dynamics can help you use (instead of fight) gravity and lengthen (instead of contract) to propel (instead of pull) yourself forward.

“I spent almost a year in pain from a severely sprained ankle. Physical therapy made my ankle stronger, but did not reduce my pain and my range of motion felt limited.

After applying the techniques outlined in Walking, I was able to retrain myself to walk in a way that would reduce my pain dramatically and could increase my ankle’s flexibility once again.

Javier C. Kissimmee, FL