Stop Sciatica Now: Help Yourself Eliminate Back and Leg Pain


Stop Sciatica Now: Help Yourself Eliminate Sciatic Nerve Pain, Back Pain and Leg Pain. Pamela Kihm’s award winning book, empowers you to choose body positioning and movement that lessens, often eliminates, the recurrence of back and leg pain.

Sample Lesson

“Sciatica is one of the most difficult problems a physician has to treat. Through this book, I have introduced my patients to this innovative method of treating this disorder, without resorting to surgery or painful injections.”

-Michael Woo-Ming, MD

Stop Sciatica Now: Help Yourself Eliminate Back and Leg Pain has 57 drawings and 23 photographs to guide you through gentle exercises to discover techniques that are applicable throughout your day—at work, at home or on vacation.

“I have read several books and articles on the subject of sciatica and none has been as clear and helpful. In fact, the [exercises] described in some are exactly contrary to what soothes the sciatic nerve. I have been doing almost everything wrong and subsequently, getting no relief. Last night I had the first half-way decent night sleep in many weeks after doing your exercises. I wish I had found your book sooner. Thank you again.”

Marlene S. Arizona