"We make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant."

--Moshe Feldenkrais

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Testimonials from PainFreeChoices Clients

     During the past twenty years, PainFreeChoices has grown primarily through the recommendations of clients who have discovered relief after years of living in pain. Many have written and given permission to include their stories. Here are a few.

     I purchased the download book Stop Sciatica Now on 11/15. . .. I contacted you on 11/17 to get a full refund, which was refunded to my account on 11/17, thank you.

      The reason why I'm contacting you again is that I want to pay for the book. . . .   I [gave] the book a second chance and I believe that it has changed my life. . .

      I drive a lift truck at work now for 17 yrs, which has no suspension and no air in the tires so when you hit a bump it goes all the way through you. . . . Because I was sitting wrong my low back was taking a lot of abuse. After reading the book again, I now . . . sit in the correct way, and as you stated in the book, the bumps are actually therapeutic to my spine. . . .

      Yesterday afternoon I actually got off my lift truck at work pain free, which I thought would never happen. Three weeks ago I thought I would have to sign for another job, not to mention I was wishing for death because of the excruciating pain I was experiencing. Also along with the sciatica I would experience a stiff neck, which now after doing the exercises rotates freely like I got a lube job on it. I still take the prescribed pain medication when needed for the sciatica,  and I am not completely pain free yet, but I think I am on my way.

  —Robert G.


     Last week I tried to get out of bed but had so much pain that I couldn't. I was diagnosed with sciatica. It was my first attack and the first lower back pain I've experienced.
      I found Pamela's book on the Internet and . . . I ordered the entire book. The exercises have helped me get back on my feet again after four painful days. The book and its illustrations have given me a whole new understanding about my body and my spine. It seems I've been doing everything wrong for many years now--all in the interest of achieving "good posture".... Thanks to both of you for making this information available.

—Sally Hill, Ph.D.

     The diagrams are splendid and the book is based on convincing principles. Seeing the body as a piece of engineering is most  illuminating. We both write books in our own fields (Education and Banking)  so we appreciate the clear structure of the book and the inviting writing style. The advice about sensible sleeping positions has helped one of us enormously.

      Many thanks for your help.

—Margaret and David Mallett

     I purchased Stop Sciatica Now a week or so ago and have been amazed at how my posture has been so wrong for so many years, especially standing and walking posture.  My decision to buy the book is one of the best I've made in my life!

—Marty Radovich

     I waited an extra week, just to be sure this really worked! The pain relief is unbelievable. After 2 weeks the difference was remarkable. My rheumatologist was just as surprised as I was and was going to log on to your site to get the book.

      I have been trying to deal with the pain for almost 2 years and nothing helped. I even tried a chiropractor (out of pocket expense) and he was also baffled when he couldn't help me. My son-in–law said I was becoming my pain. I feel like a new woman!  

      Thank you so much!

—Leanne Flusser

     I can't thank you enough. The book arrived Tuesday and I got right on it. It is every thing I have been looking for 2 years!!!!!! My understanding of this pain is something I can deal with now.

     [It's just Thursday and] I'm already doing better; I was so afraid to move or stretch because of pain. Now I know it is ok [and] work through it with the stretching.

      God has really answered my prayer, I knew all along that I would have this problem all my life, because of the shape of my spine. So I changed my prayer, and asked the Lord to teach me how to move, and now I see hope and light at the end of this!!!

      Thank you so much...I just wanted you to know how happy I am and my family thanks you too. I clean houses for a living and it is making a HUGE difference in my life so soon. WOW. Love and peace to you. 

Rebecca from Colorado

     Just wanted you to know that I had been to a chiropractor for 3 treatments in the last week and a half for my sciatic nerve pain. I have had it over the years and it only took one or two adjustments at most to relieve the pain. No such luck this time.

      I really didn't want to go to my MD because of the reasons you said - they give me pain killers or shots, etc. - just masking the pain.

      In the midst of a really bad pain, I started looking on the internet and found your website. I downloaded the free 3 chapters and started the exercises. Almost immediately the pain has subsided. Yes there is still some pain, but it is immensely better. THANK YOU! I purchased the book and plan to take advantage of the instructions you give to get me back into good shape and keep myself there!

      Thank you for such a practical and easy way to approach this problem.

—Jenny Rasmusson

I started the exercises and have seen a marked improvement.

—Dianne McKissock, Maryland