"We make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant."

--Moshe Feldenkrais

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“I was running to the chiropractor, osteopath and physiotherapist. They were correcting the misalignments, but not teaching me how to avoid them.

"Now, with this new knowledge, I usually can work them out by myself. Most of all I have become pain free, and have a sense of control over my body.”

Isadora S., 80-year-old with an active Social Work practice

Books in the PainFreeChoices® Series


Stop Sciatica Now 3rd. Ed.

     Filled with experiments and exercises, this award-winning book, now in its Third Edition, will show you not only why you hurt, but mainly how to move in a way to reduce your pain. By working through the chapters you will learn how your spine and skeleton can move with less effort and more comfort.

     Stop Sciatica Now is available as both a .pdf download and as a Perfect-bound book to lie flat while being used. Currently in its 7th printing, it has been recently reformatted and edited slightly for added clarity.

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Roller Book information

     In Relax Your Back With a Roller, Pamela Kihm shows you how to use a simple styrofoam cylinder to relieve your pain, sit more comfortably and productively, and regain many functions previously lost to pain.

     Relax Your Back With A Roller has 56 photographs, plus 14 illustrations, making it easy to see the movements and postures described in the text.

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Walking book info

     Walking doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle! Within the pages of Walking: Nature’s Perfect Exercise you will find guidance and exercises to help you walk more efficiently - whether you are crossing the street, going up and down stairs, or hiking on trails. 

Achieve greater comfort and ease in walking by making simple postural changes
Work with gravity instead of struggling against it.
Invite your muscles to participate naturally by following your "skeletal blueprint."
Discover how the dynamics of walking apply to various terrains and surfaces.

     Each "Step" of this book teaches you to walk with greater comfort and power.

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