"We make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant."

--Moshe Feldenkrais

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"I have read several books and articles on the subject of sciatica and none has been as clear and helpful. In fact the [exercises] described in some are exactly contrary to what soothes the sciatic nerve.

"I have been doing almost everything wrong and subsequently, getting no relief. Last night [after reading Stop Sciatica Now] I had the first half-way decent night sleep in many weeks after doing your exercises.

"I wish I had found your book sooner. Thank you again."

Marlene S., AZ

Stop Sciatica Now:
Help Yourself Eliminate Back and Leg Pain

Stop Sciatica Now 3rd Ed.

     Now in its Third Edition, Pamela Kihm's award-winning first book, Stop Sciatica Now will teach you how your skeleton and nervous system interact in order to help you move better to reduce, or even eliminate, recurrent pain. Fully illustrated to help readers immediately begin to change the way they move throughout the day through simple, stress-free exercises that are designed to quickly become habits of movement.

Chapters one, two and three of Stop Sciatica Now:

Chapters four, five, and six of Stop Sciatica Now:

In chapters seven through ten of Stop Sciatica Now you'll learn:

      Stop Sciatica Now has 57 line drawings illustrating how to move with awareness of your skeletel positioning.

      There are 23 photographs, making it easy to see the movements and postures described in the text.

      You will find useful instructions about:

    Stop Sciatica Now is available as both a Perfect-bound printed form and as an instantly downloadable Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf). While most computers already have the free Adobe Reader installed, if needed you can download a copy from this link.


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