"We make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant."

--Moshe Feldenkrais

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When the Relax The Back® store in Chicago asked me to write this book, I enthusiastically responded.

Nowhere in these pages are you encouraged to use the roller to force improvement. Instead, approach every exercise with a sense of exploration each and every time you use your roller.

You'll discover that being more gentle with yourself will exponentially fast-forward your return to comfort.

Pamela Kihm

Relax Your Back With a Roller:
Exercises and Strategies to Eliminate Pain

        Relax Your Back With A Roller isn't just an exercise book!

        This 60 page book contains twenty eight exercises that are loaded with keys for being active and comfortable. As a vital part of roller therapy you'll gain important knowledge to apply throughout your day.

       Movement expert Pamela Kihm, author of the award winning book Stop Sciatica Now, wrote this book to be used with a 6” diameter Styrofoam™ roller, 36” long. However, you can adapt a narrower roller to use for these lessons by wrapping it with a folded blanket.

         Relax Your Back With A Roller has 56 photographs, plus 14 illustrations, making it easy to see the movements and postures described in the text.

     Within these pages you will discover:

     Relax Your Back With a Roller is available in both spiral-bound printed form and as an instantly downloadable Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf). While most computers already have the free Adobe Reader installed, if needed you can download a copy from this link.


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